Sunday, January 29, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday #3

1. smile
meet greyson. he's a hoot. 

 2. stand alone
i had trouble with this one.  i guess john deere stands alone in the farming industry.  or in my son's toybox! :)

 3.  something old
i throw everything out that is old or that we don't use on a regular basis.  so i had a hard time finding something that was old.  however, this is my husband's computer from college (yes, he's been out for more than 10 years).  it's definitely still has a floppy disk drive!

4. artificial. 
this is grass.  artificial grass.  happens to be decoration in my living room. 
 5.  repeating pattern. 
patterns are everywhere. i couldn't find too many though where the natural light was pouring in.  these are the knobs on my son's dresser. 

i'm linking up with ashley at ramblings and photos.  i can't for the life of me get her button to work. check out her blog!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday

one reason i started a new blog was because i hope to participate in many challenges and link ups and i didn't want to bombard my family blog with all things photography.  so without further ado, i'm participating in my very first scavenger hunt sunday.  :)

side note: the blog will be fully functioning (layout wise) soon...i didn't want to miss out on this link-up and i'm not sure if i'll have it the way i want it for awhile. 

1. stacked up
 i didn't have to look to far to find something that stacked! with two little ones in the home, i knew their toy chest would be a great place to start. 

2. winter wonderland

so, you will need to turn your head sideways to see this as intended. i can't for the life of me get it to upload correctly.  it's vertical on my computer.  anyway, i live in northern indiana and we usually do get a decent amount of snow.  this winter has been the exception.  here we have just a coating.  not as beautiful as a winter wonderland but it will have to do!

3. sweet

i rarely go a day with out flavored iced coffee and creamer. sweet cream is amazing...truly natural bliss. 

4. hole

naturally, an iced coffee drinker must have her cup with straw.  here's the first hole that came to my mind.  it satisfies this gal every morning. :)

5. frozen

 i was lucky enough to find that our bird bath was still frozen after our last snow.  it's currently 9 degrees but tomorrow it's supposed to warm up to 38. good thing i snapped this today!

capturing kenson

i'm on a journey.  i want to learn. i want to grow.  i have dreams and aspirations.  i have decided to devote a blog to keep track of my progress on the journey.
why capturing kenson?  well, kenson is a play on my two children's names.  kenna and greyson.  ken son.  kenson.  kenson stands for dreams, love, and hope.  they are my inspiration. 
so there you have's to the journey!